What you should learn from your kids

My 4 year old daughter returned from school on Friday and announced that her teacher had asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. Intrigued I asked her “Well what did you say?” expecting an answer in the Disney princess mould. “A Seal Trainer!” she proudly declared.  Seeing the surprise on my face she kindly explained what was involved in training seals.  For a moment I thought about how great it must be to think everything is possible and then turned back to the everyday humdrum of family life.

I was reminded of this interaction a couple of days later when Michael Comyn posted a link to this video. It’s designed to make you think, and it did but in two very different ways;

  1. Record and reward those moments; it makes me think of those great things kids say all the time, our kids do 3 things many others can’t; they consistently make us laugh, smile and be proud.  Recognise those that do something that others can’t, won’t or haven’t thought of doing.
  2. When and how do we lose it? That belief, that optimism, the feeling that anything is possible simply because others have done it too.  Encourage the fanciful and ask if others are doing it, if they’re not you’ll have to invent it!

Next time we feel or we are told that something is beyond us try to apply the kid test;

  • Is there somebody else doing it?
  • Why can’t we do it?
  • It looks like fun, can we try it?

What have your kids taught you?


2 thoughts on “What you should learn from your kids

    1. Karl Duff Post author

      Thanks for the comment Michael.
      The video is on the to do list for 2014! I aim to re-launch the site in 2014, with more features and participation – so watch this space!


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